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Post image for Why Bad Choices are a Good Decision

The video you’re about to watch has some fantastic insights on how easily our minds can be tricked. Even after we’re shown proof that our mind has been deceived we still tend to come to the same conclusions even though we know those conclusions are false.

The interesting thing about sales and marketing that most people (even people in the business) don’t know is that your product isn’t really your product, your product is people. The truth of the matter is that a salesperson who knows more about people and human behavior has a huge advantage over the salesperson who…

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Post image for The History of Business Opportunities

This picture says a lot about how much opportunity is available to the “common” person. Personally I think the massive increase in business opportunities these days is because of the ability to capitalize on existing systems.

One thing I’d like to cover in this article that this this picture doesn’t really get into are the 3 major transitions of human civilization. In short these 3 transitions are the Agrarian age, the Industrial age and (now) the Information age.


Post image for Who Wouldn’t Want to Buy a Panther Water Car!!?

I just watched this video about a new vehicle that’s coming out, and man does it look cool! They call it a “Panther Water Car” but it’s actually more like a panther water truck or even more accurately it looks like a water Jeep. Any way you look at it The Panther ROCKS!!

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Post image for How to Start a Vending Machine Business

So you want to know how to start a vending machine business huh? Hi my name’s Eric and in this article I’m going to show you what’s really involved in starting a vending machine business. I want to show you what you’ll need in order to make your business turn a profit, and I also want to show you some inexpensive and very profitable alternatives.
Before we get into the nuts and bolts let’s go over why most people start a vending machine business. For most people “starting a vending machine business” might seem like a fantastic way to earn a little extra income. For others owning a vending biz might mean early retirement. In any case one of the biggest attractions to the vending machine industry is automation. Just set it and forget it Right?


This Kid Plays Baseball with ONE Leg! Nuff Said! This is A Very Inspiring Video About How to Run Your OWN RACE! Watch this video and learn from this kid but WATCH OUT! You might cry! This is Ray Higgdon… He pretty much Rocks… I’ll leave it at that! This video is classic! It’s a […]


Isagenix Review


Post image for Generate Leads and Sales on Autopilot?

We’ve all heard phrases like, “Create a new life in 90 days or less!” and I can understand how a phrase like that can turn a lot of people off and make the B.S. detector flash a bright fire engine red. The fact of the matter is that there are people who make a lot of money online (disclaimer). People like Mike Hobbs and Scott Zleteff are some of those people. In this video you’ll get the inside scoop on how these average guys went from being in debt to designing and living the life of their dreams…


5LINX Review

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Post image for Is Your Marketing Strategy Outdated?

In this video Scott asks a very obvious question, “What’s the purpose of having a business?” Pretty easy question right? The purpose of a business is to make money! Duh! So that leads us to the next series of questions, “How do you make money in network marketing?” What do you have to do as a distributor of an MLM in order to make money? I think the answer to these questions are pretty obvious too, but if it’s so obvious why do soooo many people use out dated marketing techniques, and why do so many network marketers fail? In the following video Scott covers these questions and shares some of his experiences using online and offline marketing strategies.