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Hello and welcome to Part Time Prosperity! We are a husband and wife team (Eric & Lauren) who created this site to show people how to leverage the internet to generate leads and sales for their business. We started out in network marketing using traditional marketing strategies like making a list of friends and family, having home meetings ect… The traditional strategies we were initially taught didn’t work for us. Now that we’ve been in the industry long enough we know what works and what doesn’t work for most people. The training we first received when starting out was really motivational and very inspiring, but it was a little lacking in the how to market category.

Ever Try Making a List of Friends and Family?

When we looked at the things we were doing (and not doing) we realized that one of the hardest things was “getting the word out” on our MLM. We were tired of calling uninterested people in our warm market, and pre-qualifying people was harder than it sounded and took more time than we had originally anticipated. When one of us did find someone with the slightest interest in signing up, it was elating. When they didn’t sign up it was devastating. Marketing the way we were originally taught wasn’t an easy thing to do; hat’s off to the people who use that method of marketing!

Here’s a Funny Backyard video With Dirty Screeching Kids and a Crazy Dog! Enjoy!

Our goal is to use the web to inform people that there is a better way. You can make money online and if you’re in network marketing you can use the internet to build out your network. Actually to tell you the truth it’s all about networking even if you’re not in network marketing… Basically what it comes down to is building a list, if you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing or writing a blog or you just want to make a few extra bucks then just focus on building a list and connecting with those people.

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Eric and Lauren Kalberer

P.S. Watch the video below, it helped us a lot… If you’re interested in learning more just connect with us through our Facebook page.

Psycho Cybernetics Volume 1