Ameridote The Ultimate Martial Art – Best of All Worst of None

by Eric

Ultimately I have found the best and the most advanced style of mixed martial arts on the planet. This ultimate brand of devastating self-defense techniques is called Ameridote. The developer of this lethal hybrid of bone crushing moves is called Master Ken. Master Ken is the sole architect behind Ameridote and his dojo’s claim to “Best of all Worst of None” is no boast, it’s simply a fact.

The Best Martial Artist On The Planet!

To compare Ameri-Do-Te to any other self-defence technique is like comparing a nuclear warhead to a toothpick. As seen in many “hypothetical” video demonstrations Ameri-Do-Te has no equal and probably never will. One of the main reasons for Ameri-Do-Te’s explosive success is mostly due to Master Ken’s expert skills and his unwavering dedication to studying inferior martial arts. Master Ken also has an uncanny ability to recognize and salvage something of value from these lesser styles of martial arts.

Ultimately Devastating

Ameri-Do-Te is such a devastating form of the martial arts that when it’s practiced in its purest form almost everything in a one hundred foot radius is laid to waste. Hence obtaining real world footage of this ultimate mixed martial art is rare, very dangerous and sometimes blurry (like bigfoot). So instead of being held responsible for burning out your retinas and making you run for the hills out of sheer terror I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom in this video from Master Ken.


Ameri-Do-Te Ultimately the Best in Martial Arts

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