Anik Singal’s Clickbank Wealth Formula

by Eric

Clickbank Wealth Formula was a digital product released in July 2010 by Anik Singal and Saj P promising to show you how to make millions online promoting affiliate products.


This is the basic Click Bank Wealth Formula:


1. Find a clickbank product to promote.

2. Send people to a capture page to collect an opt-in

3. Send emails that push offers to customers


Sounds reasonably simple, but unfortunately this product was so hyped up and heavily promoted that when it probably did come onto the marketplace it didn’t measure up to people’s hopes which was quickly pulled. A lot of people fell for all the hype, and it was clear that this was yet another “Guru” product that did not deliver what it promised to.


The person investing a product like “clickbank wealth formula” is usually unsatisfied with their purchase.


They can always get there cash back but they cannot get the time they invested reviewing and studying the product back.


And, to make things worse, what if a person is brand new to the world on web affiliate marketing and walks away disgruntled and disillusioned?


It’s not just the unfortunate customers who suffer when they buy poor-quality products such as Clickbank Wealth Formula. Many respected affiliates and collaboration partners lose the trust of the consumer and can suffer financially by accidentally promoting such bad products. They too lose lots of time and cash because to promote a product they write content, reviews and very often compile their own bonuses that go with the product.


This is a sure way for any affiliate marketer in these circumstances to lose face, their customers who trusted their judgment become dubious about these affiliate marketers’ reputes. They advocated something that was worthless. Simply by marketing it their reputation goes south together with the pathetic product.


Clickbank Wealth Formula – Anik Singal


The issue with this product was that Anik Singal was a highly respected online marketer who had formerly produced some fantastic products. Folks were wildly excited when he launched Affiliate Lecture room back in 2005. This was a product that trained online marketers and affiliates from start to finish. When you joined Affiliate School room you were led through a series of sessions that started with the basic concepts of affiliate internet marketing and then taken through to more complex aspects including SEO, the easiest way to implement and understand pay-per-click advertising and ending with the best ways of getting a high ROI by using the best conversion systems.


Anik’s success was rewarded by being named as one of Business Week’s top entrepreneurs for the year 2008. He’s always quick to inform folks even today that he is made $16 million online within the affiliate promotion world and that of course includes offering teaching and coaching to others so they too could make cash on the internet.


There were hundreds of negative reviews about Clickbank Wealth Formula. This looked wholly out of personality for Anik. Here are a few of those reviews:


“After buying CWF A couple of days ago I’ve taken a good look at it. It gives you a basic high level view of how Anik and Saj make their enormous fortunes online nonetheless it definitely does not measure up to all the glowing reviews it got. This is because the sales letters were full of lies and false statements, there’s very tiny likeness between this product and what it is supposed to do.”


“I’m really disappointed with Clickbank Wealth Formula, it is not what I thought it’d be. The videos for starters look like they were manufactured by 10-year-olds. They don’t give you any samples or examples to look at. They tell you how important a well-built capture page is but they do not show you one! I would’ve found the course more helpful with one or two examples. If you suspect it may be of some use to you then I can not stop you buying it, but I don’t endorse it. Personally I do not believe you will be impressed.”


“I just got CBW and I am really going to be asking for my cash back. I’m new to affiliate promotion and I was expecting to be shown how to create a profitable website, that is what the advertising letter said. That sales letter also said it would show you everything but when you get into the program they tell you they don’t go to show you any of the complicated stuff and I don’t have the cash to spend having someone else do it for me which is what they suggest. I do not even know where to find the best folk to outsource to!”.


“Just bought this product. I really wish That I could give it five stars. But honestly it is hardly pushing 2 stars. The videos are so little you can barely see the screenshots and the sound quality varies from video to film. There are several folks teaching different sections which makes it appear outsourced.”


A Post Mortem for Clickbank Wealth Formula


Items including CBW appear on the internet all of the time, they’re hyped-up, released, talked about for a couple of weeks after which they disappear and this is precisely what this has accomplished. Saj and Anik had been barraged with negative evaluations and requests for refunds.


It’s too bad that products like the Clickbank Wealth Formula have ever been released but just because there are a few crummy products on the net doesn’t mean that there aren’t some super smoke’n ways to dominate the internet.

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IMNinja April 15, 2012 at 3:53 pm

Excellent post and I agree with your sentiments. Looks like this guy might be living off his rep at this point.
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Aftab Alam Siddiqui April 13, 2012 at 7:22 pm

Great Article…This will help the new guys to get started in a proper way.
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