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Post image for Why Bad Choices are a Good Decision

The video you’re about to watch has some fantastic insights on how easily our minds can be tricked. Even after we’re shown proof that our mind has been deceived we still tend to come to the same conclusions even though we know those conclusions are false.

The interesting thing about sales and marketing that most people (even people in the business) don’t know is that your product isn’t really your product, your product is people. The truth of the matter is that a salesperson who knows more about people and human behavior has a huge advantage over the salesperson who…

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Post image for The History of Business Opportunities

This picture says a lot about how much opportunity is available to the “common” person. Personally I think the massive increase in business opportunities these days is because of the ability to capitalize on existing systems.

One thing I’d like to cover in this article that this this picture doesn’t really get into are the 3 major transitions of human civilization. In short these 3 transitions are the Agrarian age, the Industrial age and (now) the Information age.


Post image for Who Wouldn’t Want to Buy a Panther Water Car!!?

I just watched this video about a new vehicle that’s coming out, and man does it look cool! They call it a “Panther Water Car” but it’s actually more like a panther water truck or even more accurately it looks like a water Jeep. Any way you look at it The Panther ROCKS!!

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This Kid Plays Baseball with ONE Leg! Nuff Said! This is A Very Inspiring Video About How to Run Your OWN RACE! Watch this video and learn from this kid but WATCH OUT! You might cry! This is Ray Higgdon… He pretty much Rocks… I’ll leave it at that! This video is classic! It’s a […]


Post image for Generate Leads and Sales on Autopilot?

We’ve all heard phrases like, “Create a new life in 90 days or less!” and I can understand how a phrase like that can turn a lot of people off and make the B.S. detector flash a bright fire engine red. The fact of the matter is that there are people who make a lot of money online (disclaimer). People like Mike Hobbs and Scott Zleteff are some of those people. In this video you’ll get the inside scoop on how these average guys went from being in debt to designing and living the life of their dreams…


Post image for The Power of Leverage – Get the Most Out of Your Team!

In this video Scott talks about the power of a team… The beautiful thing about being on a team is the ability to leverage the skills of your team mates. In this quick video Scott states the fact that we have our own individual skills that were good at. Like all good leaders Scott willingly admits that he’s only good at about 2 or 3 things. He doesn’t try to learn everything because he doesn’t have to.


Post image for Weiner Pills, Hyper Growth, and Microsoft! OH MY!

Can you recognize a good opportunity when you see it? In this quick video Aaron and Scott talk about missed opportunities and how you can learn from their mistakes. Just take a minute and be honest with yourself… If Bill Gates approached you and asked you to invest 100 bucks in Microsoft before it launched […]


Everyone has been anticipating a sequel to the hit film “The Secret”. Well, wait no more because here it is! This is truly the most life changing advise that there ever could be. Be prepared to watch in awe as you discover this deep “secret”: Ok, so that’s it! There are no short cuts in […]


Post image for Killer Ideas for Blog Posts and Videos

Need some content? Check out the video to see how I’m able to stay in a constant flow of ideas for my blog posts and videos! Leave a comment  below and tell me how this video has helped or inspired you! Want to know how to have a constant stream of ideas for blog posts […]


Post image for What’s the First Step to Making Money Online?

Here’s a quick video I did that answers the question… What Did the Top Earners Do When They First Got Started Online?   Click Here to Start YOUR Journey…  


Post image for What Do Top MLM Leaders Do? 3 Steps to The Top?

If you’ve been bitten by the mlm bug at one time you’ve probably asked yourself, “What do top mlm leaders do?” and right now you’re probably saying, “There’s NO WAY it’s only 3 steps to the top! You’re shoveling it in deep buddy! LOL! Well shouldn’t say it’s only 3 steps but I can say that all the mlm leaders (the big guys) have some kind of a system in place and really this article should be called the 3 part business module.

Recently I just heard the phrase “Leadership is the highest paid commodity on earth.” Experts and leaders don’t have to advertise because of their reputation… as an alpha leader, they attract people and business to them. Sometimes these top professionals even have to turn down business.