Bon Voyage 1000 Review (A Business and Opportunity Review)

by Eric

Bon Voyage 1000 is the latest network marketing business opportunity to launch based in the travel industry. The company is touting a no “autoship” program that so many in this industry are used to. So can you truly create a substantial income with BV1000? Here is a simple review.

Bon Voyage is the latest company to launch a network marketing opportunity based in the travel industry. The cost of starting your business with BV1000 is nearly $340 dollars and comes with some travel incentives for the new member such as cruises. This particular opportunity can be used by the member as a travel business only and or, a network marketing opportunity to create a residual income.

So can you make a substantial income with Bon Voyage? Well, some will…and some won’t. The compensation structure is built upon first and foremost the retail volume of the products and packages sold. The opportunity compensation is based on a “follow me”2×2 matrix structure, and although these are highly touted as the best, it still requires solid daily effort in your marketing. Like any other business opportunity online driving solid and continual traffic will be the key factor in creating an income.

Bon Voyage 1000 is a legitimate network marketing business opportunity without the usual high autoship involved. No matter what the compensation is, it is a fact that residual traffic will be a must and branding yourself online the key to success. For those of us who have found success online no matter what opportunity it is, understand that it takes solid Internet marketing skills and massive action each day to truly create success online. It is also best to complete your due diligence before joining any business opportunity online or offline before the investment of money and, most importantly…your time.

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