Empower Network 15K Formula Review

by Eric


Howdy, my name’s Eric and first off I’d like to thank you for checking out my review of the 15k formula. I’ve been online for over a year and I have to say the 15k training is some of the best stuff on the market, and it’s not even completed yet! I’m not the kind of person to beat around the bush, and I’ll tell you this much; the 15k training has more meat and potatoes in it than courses 5 times its size and 10 times the price.

The Truth about the 15k Formula

Here’s the honest truth. I was signed up for a very well-known SEO training course that came out on the first of December and I actually got my money back after going through the SEO section in the 15k. Do you want to know why I dropped the other course and stuck with the 15k training? Well it’s simple, the other SEO course was pretty in depth, but I learned more from one segment of the 15k formula than I did in 3 modules of other SEO course. Now, to be fair, I didn’t go through the entire course (because I got a refund) and the SEO section in the 15k formula was almost more than I could comprehend anyway.

15k formula review

You Can’t Handel the 15k Formula! lol

After absorbing all the great information in the 15k training I figured, “Why do I need yet another course to go through? Why don’t I just learn everything I can from the leaders of the Empower Network and apply it instead of going through trainings all day and night?

The Evolution of the Revolution (How Much is
the 15k)?!

I’m sure by now your asking “how much is the 15k formula?” Well to tell you the truth the price has changed three different times. Before I tell you what you’d be investing to get the 15k formula let me just say  this. The 15k formula is worth well over 15 thousand dollars. I know everyone says stuff like that about their products but in this case it’s true. I mean really how much would you put towards a program that can make you 15 thousand dollars a month?

Just as a little side note don’t kick yourself because you missed out big time just don’t miss out this time. At first the 15k formula was… Wait for it…  FREE! That’s right it was totally free when it first came out and now every time someone who got the 15k formula when it was free makes 100% commissions and an insane amount of money on a product they didn’t even have to put together. The first actual price that was put on the 15k formula was the very low and very doable price of $250.00 bucks but it has gone up since.

A Sure Bet – Invest in Yourself and You’ll Always WIN!

Here’s the skinny folks. The 15k training is some of the best information you’ll come across and the best part is that you benefit two-fold, one you get the training and two you can turn around and sell it for 100% commissions.


Listen, I could go on and on about how great the 15k formula is but don’t take it from me, just listen to the testimonials of some other satisfied students of the 15k training. Watch out because these guys look dangerous, well everyone except Carl, who lays it all out for you.

Enjoy the show!

15k Formula “Testimonials”

Here’s an Inside Look at the 15k Formula

In Prosperity,

Eric & Lauren Kalberer

P.S. Sign up for the Empower Network get 100% commissions and the 15k Formula!


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Michael Harrington April 18, 2012 at 6:15 am

Hi great review. Are all the payment processor problems sorted? Other than this, it seems like a solid opportunity
Michael Harrington recently posted..How To Use Word 2007 As a Blogging ToolMy Profile


Eric Kalberer April 19, 2012 at 7:35 pm

Hi Michael, Yeah the problems they were having with the payment processor are completely resolved. (they’re constantly updating their system). Let me know if you have anymore questions Michael, always happy to help! Thanks for the comment.


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