Is a Work from Home MLM Business Right for You?

by Eric

A work from home business is great for people who work part-time and for people who are looking for a career change. A lot of people could benefit from a work from home MLM business. It’s ideal for work at home moms, the unemployed, or retirees who need to make some additional money. Starting a home based business is a great option because of the time freedom it allows. Folks can build their MLM in their spare time and at their own pace.

While starting a home based business is a fantastic way to earn additional income there are challenges. The biggest challenge most people face in network marketing is finding people interested in your opportunity aka lead generation.

The key to any MLM business is lead generation and mastering the science and art of marketing on a large scale. If you’ve been doing research online about whether or not a work from home MLM business is right for you I’m sure you’ve come across the term “attraction marketing.”

If you’re in retail, sales, or you’ve have any customer service experience you may already know what the term “attraction marketing” means. Basically all attraction marketing is is having customers come to you because you’re the expert. 

Let’s say that you own a landscaping business, and your customers frequently ask you questions about lawn care. Obviously your answers carry weight with your customers and the homeowners you give advice to appreciate your professional opinion. An example of this might be you telling one of your customers that they needed to buy certain kind of chemical, and because they trust your judgment they simply buy it without hesitation.

Unfortunately there are some problems with attraction marketing. The main drawback to attraction marketing is that when you first start out you are not an expert.  The other problem is that there are hundreds of people that just want to take your money. Their method of attraction marketing is just attracting your money to their bank account. 

Now I can go on and on about the bad reps and the scammers and the spammers that are on the net but why waste the time and energy? I mean you’ve probably seen all the ads for the so-called push button programs that will “make you millions overnight” and I’m sure the reason you’re here is to get a straight answer.

The main reason people fail in this industry is usually due to lack of leads. Some people say lack of money is a major factor too but if you have enough good leads then cash flow usually isn’t an issue. Now that you know that lead generation is the life blood of your business you have a decision to make… Do I generate leads by leveraging the internet or do I focus on getting leads offline or both?

Personally I prefer generating leads online because I found a place to call home. See I found a lead generation system that has the most up to date training you can find. I found a place that doesn’t mess around with marketing tactics that don’t work. This system is truly geared towards marketers and business owners at all levels. Why do I say that it will work for anyone? Because I made my first sale online with this system and I know that their main objective is to keep their members focused on money making activities that’s why.

O.K. I get it by now you’re probably asking yourself “Is this guy just offering me another hyped up system?” Listen I totally understand so I’ll leave you with these few tips I picked up along the way.

If you’re going to start your own home based business just remember to focus on lead generation because that is where the rubber meets the road. And if you’re going to do this stuff online remember that you have to offer something up front and whatever you do DO NOT LEAD WITH YOUR MLM! Last but not least is realizing that you are starting a business. When you first start building a network marketing business it takes work and dedication so if you’re not willing to do the initial work then do yourself a favor and buy a lottery ticket instead.

I know some of this stuff seems confusing when you first hear it but it’s the truth. I’ve been online for a while now and I’ve seen a ton of different systems. None of which offer as much value or a higher pay out as this one.

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