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There’s a very important rule in marketing… A marketing secret if you will…This one simple rule has made it possible for companies to dominate the competition with little to no effort. In this short video Scott shares this fairly obvious but critically important marketing principal, and along with that he also shares what’s really important in his business…O.K. let’s get back to that marketing principal I mentioned in the beginning… What is it that makes a company truly rise above the competition? Is it customer service? Is it having the best service or product on the market? Nope! I’ll give you a hint by asking this question… What does Netflix, General Electric, Redbox, Ford, and Empower Network all have in common? These companies have a few things in common but one thing in particular gives them a HUGE advantage over the competition…


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In this video Scott shares a story about a guy who passed up the opportunity to get involved in Microsoft. We all have those moments in life where we have the chance to make a decision, and not just a regular decision like what to eat for breakfast but a real decision. These are the decisions that don’t look like a life changing decision at first but when you look back you go, “Man! What was I thinking!?”


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In this video Scott talks about the power of a team… The beautiful thing about being on a team is the ability to leverage the skills of your team mates. In this quick video Scott states the fact that we have our own individual skills that were good at. Like all good leaders Scott willingly admits that he’s only good at about 2 or 3 things. He doesn’t try to learn everything because he doesn’t have to.


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Can you recognize a good opportunity when you see it? In this quick video Aaron and Scott talk about missed opportunities and how you can learn from their mistakes. Just take a minute and be honest with yourself… If Bill Gates approached you and asked you to invest 100 bucks in Microsoft before it launched […]


Everyone has been anticipating a sequel to the hit film “The Secret”. Well, wait no more because here it is! This is truly the most life changing advise that there ever could be. Be prepared to watch in awe as you discover this deep “secret”: Ok, so that’s it! There are no short cuts in […]


~ by Lauren If you’ve never been clear on your goals, NOW is the time to set your intent. You can’t get to where you are going if you don’t have a map. FOCUS on the end point and make it a plan to get there. If you’ve never thought about goal setting or visualization, […]


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Need some content? Check out the video to see how I’m able to stay in a constant flow of ideas for my blog posts and videos! Leave a comment  below and tell me how this video has helped or inspired you! Want to know how to have a constant stream of ideas for blog posts […]


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Here’s a quick video I did that answers the question… What Did the Top Earners Do When They First Got Started Online?   Click Here to Start YOUR Journey…