Review of Newbie Launching Pad

by Eric

Review of Newbie Launching Pad

Thanks for checking out my Newbie Launching Pad Review. In this review of the Newbie Launching Pad I’m going to go over what this product offers. I’ll also be telling it like it is. Trainings are great but do you want to learn all day or make money all day?

I took a good look at the Newbie Launching Pad training course and what I discovered was that this course definitely over delivers. If you want to really dig in and learn everything there is to know about marketing on the internet this course has just about everything.

While You’re Reading this Newbie Launching Pad Review Ask Yourself…

Before I get into what the Newbie Launching Pad offers I have one question for you. “Do you want to know everything or do you want to leverage a system and get started Right Now?” Just so you know; learning this stuff takes a while… Been There! Done That!

The Real Newbie Launching Pad Review

In this part of the Newbie Launching Pad review I’m going to go over what you’ll learn, and since I’ve been through a very similar training course I’ll compare this course to joining the Empower Network. I can only hope you’ll take my advice but you’re an adult so I’m sure you can decide for yourself. Here are the modules…

Newbie Launching Pad Module 1: Having the Mindset of a Pro

  • What is network marketing and why are you involved in it?
  • Understand how important having a good mindset is.
  • Understand what some of the challenges are and what most new network marketers fail to overcome
  • Expert advice to someone who has just discovered network marketing and taking a chance to become successful at it.
  • What the pros would say to the people that claim “network marketing is too hard”

I would recommend Module 1 to everyone who’s serious about building a business. However the Empower Network Monday night calls are free and would accomplish the same thing. On top of that if you got the Empower Networks inner circle your business would grow by leaps and bounds.

Newbie Launching Pad Module 2: Foundation – Getting Setup

  • Get a domain name that brands You as a leader
  • Hear real life experiences
  • How to set up an email address
  • Getting an auto responder
  • Time management core principals

“Branding” is a myth for anyone who’s starting out. Newbies should not try to “brand” themselves. I know from personal experience that setting up and managing your own self hosted website can be a nightmare. The Empower Network blogging system is a far better solution for newbies because there is NO setup. The Empower Network also offers a fast start training and a private Facebook group to help its members get started right.

Newbie Launching Pad Module 3: Lead Capture

  • Understanding marketing funnels and why you need one
  • Understand the purpose of a capture page
  • Capture page tips A-Z headline, video, colors etc
  • Understanding why you need an auto responder
  • LIVE system demo

Talk about a nightmare… You don’t need to make capture pages in the Empower Network; we leave that to the experts. As of right now the Empower Network has 6 capture pages and a ton of free trainings, bootcamps, and recorded webinars that its members can use. As for the auto responder; you’ll get free access to all the swipe copy “emails” that the leaders of the Empower Network put out.

Newbie Launching Pad Module 4: Social Media Tactics and Traffic Building

  • Setting up your personal branding on social networks
  • How to pick the RIGHT people to friend
  • TIPS on building your network across various social platforms
  • TOP SECRET ways to drive traffic to your capture pages and social media profiles
  • Buying Traffic- Special offers available only to Newbie Launching Pad members

This module sounds pretty cool and I’m sure it would benefit any online marketer. The Empower Network offers similar trainings but when you buy Empower Network training you can sell it for 100% commissions… Buy the training one time, learn from the training, and then sell the training for 100% commissions over and over and over again… Things that make you go Hmmmmm.

Newbie Launching Pad Module 5: Prospecting

  • What is prospecting and how to get started right now
  • Pick up the phone and call your leads. Here is what you should say.
  • How to leverage your team to help close prospects with 3 way calls
  • Figure out the right questions to ask and let your leads close themselves!

The founders of the Empower Network do NOT like 3 way calls… Nor do they like calling “leads”(customers yes). Instead the Empower Network teaches you how to make money while having a life. I simply don’t have enough time to explain all the benifits so you’ll need to become a member to see what I mean.

Newbie Launching Pad Module 6: Offline Marketing

  • Where to find people who are interested in your opportunity
  • Tips on successfully using postcards and direct mail campaigns
  • Have fun in public places while getting leads with free dropcards
  • Tapping into your local market with little signs (this works!)

This sounds like a really cool module. The Empower Network does teach people how to do offline marketing but I have to admit that they don’t teach it to this extent (not yet anyway).

Is The Newbie Launching Pad course too Much too Late?

Personally I think that the Newbie Launching Pad course is great and it would have been even better a few years ago. In my opinion the Newbie Launching Pad is obsolete. Why do I think that? The truth of the matter is that most of these courses mainly focus on setting up your own website, your own capture pages, branding yourself and teaching a lot of other things that newbies shouldn’t have to worry about.

Focus on the Right Things Rookie

As a newbie you’ll only be able to focus on one thing at a time so why not focus on the things that make you money? I’ll tell you one thing. The money is not in the set up, and it’s not in the “brand”. THE MONEY IS IN THE “LIST” focus on building a list! It took me 9 months of set up and “branding” to figure that one out so do yourself a favor and focus on the money making activities.

If You Sell The Newbie Launching Pad Product Will You get 100% Commissions?

If you’re new to the internet and you want to start earning 100% commissions TODAY then make a decision, Click Here, and Get All In!

-Eric Out-


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