The Speech That Got Judge Napolitano Fired

by Eric

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The other day I was sent a link to Judge Napolitano’s last speech on Freedom Watch and I found myself asking the question, “Why would someone get fired from FOX news for saying the things he said?” Some of the things he said sounded a little out there, but right on point at the same time. His statements bordered on conspiracy but they also rang with the sound of truth and freedom.

I think we all see it, and if we don’t see it I think we feel it….. The way Judge Napolitano laid out the policies of each administration from Regan to Obama and spoke truth to power had me wondering, “Why aren’t more people in the media doing what he did?” I know he got fired but isn’t it worth it if you can actually help wake people up to the real dangers they face? Isn’t that what the “media” is for? Aren’t they supposed to inform us of the true obstacles we face as a nation? Aren’t they supposed to report on the things that are going on behind the scenes that could destroy our country?

Personally I think that main stream media is dead anyway. Seriously, I mean think about it…. These days all it takes is a little creativity sprinkled with a little stupidity and you have an instant recipe for a million views on Youtube. I think the down turn of the Medias influence is more than just the power of the internet though. I think it goes much deeper than that. It’s all about trust. As a person reading this I ask you, “Do you really believe what you see on the nightly news?” Do you truly think their giving you the “unbiased truth?” Or do you think that when someone gets too close to the truth or does speak truth to power like Judge Napolitano did the Media outlets simply “let them go” or have the reporter “bend” the truth just a bit?

Truthfully I don’t believe most of the things I hear in the media, unless its about something stupid like who wore what to where or who got voted off the last retarded “reality” show. No, when it comes to the issues that I think are important I’d rather get my info from a person who doesn’t have to worry about losing their job or getting passed over on their next promotion. I’d rather have my ear to the internet than have the latest drug pitched to me in between segments of the “news”.

The power of influence is shifting my friend and they know it. They know people are getting their information “unchecked” they know people like me are out here. They know that you’d rather hear what people like myself have to say than some empty suit on the T.V…… They know and their afraid. I mean really, what do you think the “anti-piracy” laws were for? Who were they really aimed at? Who would benefit the most from laws like that? Honestly I think they’re afraid of you and your ability to break free of the dirt they throw in your face everyday. Who won what? Who went into rehab? What’s in? What’s out? Who am I? What am I supposed to think? What does Whoopy think?

We are the silent revolution…, me and every other free thinking person on this planet. I can honestly say that like Judge Napolitano I’m in the fight and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think it’s up to us not the media to write about what we believe in. It’s up to us to get a million views and reach the masses. It’s up to us to use the gift of the internet to empower others. And now it’s up to YOU. Do you want a voice? Do want to be able to say I did my part? Are you really doing everything you can, or are you just wondering what else is on at 6 o’clock? It’s up to you my friend cuz the only power the Media has is the power you give them.

P.S. Get above the chatter of the internet and learn how to amplify your message. Empower yourself, join me and likeminded entrepreneurs and together we’ll really give “them” a reason to be afraid.


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