How to Start a Vending Machine Business

by Eric

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So you want to know how to start a vending machine business huh? Hi my name’s Eric and in this article I’m going to show you what’s really involved in starting a vending machine business. I want to show you what you’ll need in order to make your business turn a profit, and I also want to show you some inexpensive and very profitable alternatives.

It’s Easy! It’s Automated!

Before we get into the nuts and bolts let’s go over why most people start a vending machine business. For most people “starting a vending machine business” might seem like a fantastic way to earn a little extra income. For others owning a vending biz might mean early retirement. In any case one of the biggest attractions to the vending machine industry is automation. Just set it and forget it Right? I mean it’s just vending machines, how hard can it be? To be honest when I first thought of owning a vending machine business I thought all I’d have to do is get a few machines, place them, keep them stocked, and Boom! An instant automated income stream!

Stop Right There! Don’t Start Your Vending Machine Business Yet!

One thing you should understand about starting a vending machine biz is that the profit margins are pretty thin. Before you even think about buying your first machine you need to take a few things into consideration. The first place you need to start is with research. Finding profitable locations for your machines is one of the most important things you can do (if you want to make money that is). Now if you’re buying an existing vending machine business then you may already have some good machines in good locations but in either case you should always be on the lookout for more profitable locations for your vending machines.

Now you might think that scouting new locations and placing machines isn’t that important but I’m here to tell you it’s one of the most important steps in the whole process… Why? Well for starters when you look for profitable locations for your vending machines you’ll have to decide what kind of a vending machine will work best in those locations, which brings me to the next part of the equation.

It’s NOT Just Location! Location! Location!pizzamachine

While finding a profitable location for your vending machines should be high on your priority list you need to decide what kind of machines you’re going to place. Not only do you have to find a high traffic area you have to put the right machine in that area. Are you trying to appeal to the lunch crowd with sandwiches and soda pop or would lottery tickets and phone cards be a better fit? O.K. now that you’ve found that perfect location and you’ve placed the perfect machine then the next issue is what happens if and when the machine breaks down?

By now you should know that it takes a lot of planning to start a vending machine business and there’s actually a lot more to it than what I’ve mentioned in this article. If you’re like me and you love automation and passive income then you might want to consider an alternative. What I’m suggesting requires a lot less money to start and after its all set up it takes a lot less effort to run… That’s Right you guessed it! It’s an online business!

I could sit here and ramble on and on about how advantageous having an online business is but here’s the bottom line… You’re here, and somehow some way you found this article. I did the work once and now this blog post is doing its job… No maintenance, no scouting locations, and my whole system is running totally on autopilot. If what I’m doing sounds like something you’d want to do then simply click the button below, sign in and get started! Don’t worry! I’ll show you what to do!


-Eric Out-


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prettyswan September 23, 2013 at 4:22 am

Hi there, I am interested on this. But im far away in Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur.
Does that plan apply the same to other region?


Eric September 29, 2013 at 4:38 am

Yes prettyswan, this system is available in Malaysia. If you’d like to know more feel free to send me a message on Facebook :-)

-Eric Out-
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Tabatha Z. Berger September 18, 2013 at 11:56 pm

We have helped hundreds of people start their own vending machine business. We cover all aspects of the business from vending route operations to distributorships .


Eric September 19, 2013 at 9:38 pm

Good to hear Tabatha. Thanks for stopping by!


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