The Strangest Secret to Success

by Eric

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I found this cool old school audio about the strangest secret to success. In this audio clip Earl Nightingale asks the question why the majority of people don’t become rich.

Here’s one of the basic concepts in the audio. Mr. Nightingale says that we all have a choice and our minds are like a plowed field. Let’s say a farmer is standing in the plowed field and in one hand he has a seed of corn and in the other he has a seed of nightshade (poison). The land doesn’t discriminate if you plant the poison, water it, and care for it it will yield just as much as the corn would have.

Dave’s View on The Strangest Secret to Success

David Wood put it this way (not in this audio). Your mind is like a search engine (Google). If you search for “junk” then Google will show you the search results for “junk”. But if you search for what you want then you’ll find what you want. The bottom line is that YOU have a CHOICE! Make it a good one!

The Strangest Secret to Success…

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