Wealth and Prosperity

by Eric

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Wealth and Prosperity seem to be an elusive thing for people to obtain. Most people think that in order to obtain the American Dream you have to get a good education, be super creative or blessed with some extraordinary talent or athletic gift. Well if your reading this just know this, I’m no different from anyone else and even I can make my content visible on the Internet. All the skills I have are nothing out of the ordinary, anyone can put their ideas on the net either through the written word or by making a video.

Generating wealth on the net really isn’t rocket science, but you do need someone to follow or at least point you in the right direction. There are a few pitfalls when you initially set up your site and if you don’t know how to avoid them your site won’t work optimally. Most of the problems you run into can be remedied by installing plugins and there’s all kinds of plugins. Some plugins can help your site rank better in google and some just make your site run and look better. Another bonus is that most of the plugins are FREE (I do recommend donateing to the developers though) and like I said they do super cool stuff like turning off the over active Ping (like a WP blog) so your site dosen’t get over looked by google if it pings too much.

What does this have to do with building wealth? You might ask. Well the internet has often been called the great equalizer and it really is just that, if your not doing too well in your MLM (home based biz) then you should check into marketing your oportunity online. Advertising on the web is almost totally free and the stratigies at your disposal are limitless, also its less confrontational than marketing “belly to belly”. One of the things I like the most about marketing online is the freedom to express your views and generate leads while doing it.


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Great Post!!!


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