What’s a Good Way to Earn a Part Time Income?

by Eric

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There are a lot of things a person can do if they want to earn a part time income. One of the obvious choices a person can make is simply getting another job. While I’m not against jobs and putting in a little extra time and effort to make some cash on the side I am a person that likes the idea of creating a leveraged income.

However for most people keeping things simple and trading their time for money seems like the most logical choice. Most folks would rather put in over time or work weekends and holidays than step into unfamiliar territory. See a lot of people think that starting their own business involves taking on a huge financial burden and giving their whole life to their business.

Are the Traditional ways of Earning a Part Time Income the Best Ways?

As Robert Kiyosaki says “The industrial age ended in the 1990’s… We have entered into a new era…The age of information.” You see most people don’t realize that there has been a major shift in the way we do business and the way we build businesses. In the days of old you had to have a brick and mortar store, you had to have employees, and you had to stock products. These days almost everything can be done electronically just look at Amazon or Ebay. To take it a step further you don’t even need to have an actual physical product… You can simply sell information. Just think of it, a bank deposit and a quick transfer of data to the customer and you’re done.

Leverage Your Part Time Income

People do it on the internet all the time. They find a product, market it, make a sale and collect a commission. Some people even go so far as to make their own product and keep all the profit or they’ll let other people sell their product and give them a commission. No employees no store to manage and no issues with having enough inventory.

Basically Here’s Your Income Options

By now you’re probably saying “That’s all fine and dandy Eric but what’s a good way to earn a part time income?” Well let me tell you this. You only have a few choices.

1) You can work for someone else and let them leverage your time to make them more money.

2) Maybe you can do some side jobs if you have a skill set like carpentry or plumming or something like that.

3)You can become self employed but don’t kid yourself you’re still trading your time for money and your latest customer is your BOSS. 

4) You can start your own traditional business, work your tail off for the first few years, manage employees, and still basically be trading your time for money (unless your business really takes off).

Or… You can find a system to leverage that will pay you 100% commissions on all of their products. A system that lets you leverage someone else’s work and you get all of the profit…Hmmmmm… Click Here if you don’t believe me. 


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