You Don’t Need a Website For an Internet Marketing Business

by Eric

Article writing has long been an internet marketers weapon of choice when promoting products as an affiliate. The bonuses are plentiful, it’s a free for of advertising being the main one. But lot of internet marketer spend hours, even days, designing their own websites from scratch. We explain why you no longer need a website for an internet marketing business.

With the advancement of in Google search engines most marketers are reaping the benefits of the Squidoo design and brand name. With Squidoo you can add your own pictures and you own affiliate links and almost all forms of HTML are catered for within the program. This allows marketers to use Squidoo as they would use their own website. Linking all their articles and forum posts back to their Squidoo page.

The best way to design a Squidoo site is in review format. Have a review of 3-5 of the best products from you niche and write your articles on linking back to your page. The best thing about Squidoo is it’s current standing in Google’s page rank system. Squidoo currently has a PR of 8 in Google making it easy to get your site listed on the first page of Google for any keyword with under 5,000 search competition.

In order to get your Squidoo site listed you should bookmark it at 3-6 bookmarking websites per day. You can find a list of bookmarking sites at You should also add your page to, and add the RSS feed to This will get your page listed in a matter of days.

With Squidoo doing so well at the moment you no longer need a website for an internet marketing business.

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